Today's Deal: Fed Up of Suffering from Headaches, Lower Back, Back & Neck Pain, Sciatic Pain or Sports Related Injuries then Choose Between One Session of Osteopathy or One Session of Acupuncture or Both @ Meridian Clinic Starting From £29.95!

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Whether you're suffering fromheadaches, back pain, Sciatic Pain or sports related injuries, Badrulat Meridian Clinic can set you on the road to recovery with an astonishing deal! Choose between a session of Osteopathy or a session of Acupuncture or both for only £29.95!



Your voucher entitles you to:



- One Osteopathy Session Now £29.95




- One Acupuncture Session Now £29.95




- One Osteopathy Session & One Acupuncture Session Now £59.95



Plus 20% off the full price your next session booked directly with Meridian Clinic! 



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Badrul Huda is a registered Osteopathy and Acupuncture who has 35 years experience in Jersey,Guernsey Cornwall. Full medical history taken pre treatment. Treatment lasts between 30-40 minutes. 


What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is amedical treatment discipline focused on improving the structural balance of thebody as a whole, particularly the spine, muscles and joints. The starting pointis a holistic appreciation of how the body works and recognition that the body has strong powers to heal itself. The objective of treatment is to minimise pain,reduce stress and maximise mobility thereby enhancing the body's ability to self-heal.


It treats the following:

​- Sports Injuries

- Sciatic Pain

- Neck & Shoulder Pain

- Knee & Ankle Injuries

- Repetitive Strain Injuries

- Arthritis

- Asthma

- Sinus Problems

- Headaches & Migraines 

- Tennis Elbow/Frozen Shoulder

- Postural Problems

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Menstrual Problems

- Muscular Strain


What is Acupuncture? 


Onthe most basic of levels, acupuncture can be described as the insertion of very fine needles (sometimes in combination with electrical stimulus or with heat produced by burning specific herbs, called Moxibustion) into the skin atspecific acupuncture points in order to influence the functioning of the body.


- Treat Colds and Flu 

- Treat and Prevent Allergies 

- Relieve Stress 

- Relieve Pain and Speed the Healing ofInjuries 

- Improve Sleep and Relieve Insomnia 

- Treat Addictions

- Help with Emotional Problems

- Treat Hypertension and other Circulatory Disorders

- Relieve PMS and Painful Menstruation

- Heal Urogenital Disorders


For more information on how this process will work for you, please visit Meridian's Website



Pick up this great deal today!

The fine print

One voucher per individual. Multiples can be purchased and given as gifts. Voucher is valid until the 31st Austust 2019 and must be used before then.

Offer is available to new patients only. Existing patients need to ring clinic directly to find out about available offers.

Appointments last between 30 and 40 minutes depending upon the needs of the patient. Please call the Meridian team in the Jersey Clinic on 01534 768733, within one month of purchase date, to make your booking, quoting your unique Quids In voucher code.

Read the deal FAQ for the basics.

Voucher(s) valid until 31/08/19


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Company Information

Mr Badrul Huda D.O. M.A.C.H R.T. qualified in London in 1989 in Osteopathy. After qualifying in osteopathy Badrul further trained in traditional Chinese acupuncture in both China and London and then extended his qualifications by qualifying as a medically trained colonic hydrotherapist.

Badrul is a member of the following registered bodies:

- General Osteopathic Council

- General Naturopathic Council

- British Osteopathic Association

- Association of Chinese Acupuncture

- Chinese Medical Institute and Register

- Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists

- Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council

Badrul is recognised by all major health insurance companies.

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